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Choosing Between Real and Silk Flowers Wedding Bouquets

Choosing Between Real and Silk Flowers Wedding Bouquets

In recent years, more brides are opting for artificial silk flowers wedding bouquets as opposed to the real ones. Choosing between the two is a tough thing since both the fake and real flowers have their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. While there is no definite choice for every wedding, it is vital to understand the benefits and demerits of selecting artificial flowers and then decide if they suit your wedding day. Here are some ways in which artificial flowers compare to real ones, and you need they might help you to make the right choice for your big day. Read below and check out some of the benefits of using artificial flowers;


It is quite evident that real flowers are very delicate and they need to be shipped to your place under the right conditions. If they get exposed to hot weather, they may wither, and this poses a lot of challenges when trying to deliver and set them. To avoid the risk of your wedding flowers wilting before the event is over, you will be forced to get a florist who will treat the flowers and arrange the bouquet in such a way that they will look beautiful throughout the day. When you opt for the silk flower wedding bouquets, you won’t have to worry about the possible breakage of the flowers during delivery or even the probability of your flowers wilting halfway through the occasion. These silk flowers are resistant to changes in weather, and they will look beautiful the entire day.


Weddings are costly ventures, and you need to find one or two things that can help you to reduce the overall budget. Natural flowers are expensive once they are cut from their plants, prepared and arranged into bouquets. Silk flowers come at varying prices, but their average cost may be half of what you would be expected to pay for the real flowers. The more expensive silk flowers look more realistic and detailed as they are of good quality. In a nutshell, opting for silk flowers gives you a wide array of options at a relatively lower price. This can enable you to change your arrangements halfway through the day or even order as many as you want to make the event more colorful and decorated.


Silk flowers have no expiration date and can survive for many years. While fresh flowers are always prone to wilting and breakage, silk flowers can be collected and even used to decorate your home after the wedding day. Natural flowers have a lifespan of four to five days as opposed to the artificial bouquets which can last a lifetime. Since these flower arrangements will remain intact after the wedding day, you could keep them as a souvenir or even find a willing buyer and sell them at a lower price and recoup some of your money.

No Imperfections.

While the beauty of nature cannot be matched, some of the natural plants can be imperfect in some way. Flowers are always affected by climate changes, and this might affect their shade and color from one plant to another. This is not a huge concern for the silk flowers since they are designed to be perfect and can be used to achieve a uniform look on your wedding day. Humanmade flowers are not vulnerable to these natural flaws as the designers make them according to set designs. Since these flowers are purely artistic creations, designers are allowed to get experimental with them and come up with more beautiful designs for your wedding day.

The advantages of using silk flowers wedding bouquets have been mentioned above, and it is vital also to check out how the real one’s fare on. Here are some of the advantages of real flower bouquets;

Nothing Beats Fresh.

While silk flowers may be used for a much greater aesthetic appeal, nothing compares to the natural scent of real flowers. A carefully selected floral arrangement will freshen up your wedding environment, and the guests will leave remembering the sweet aroma that was the highlight of your wedding day.


While natural flowers are vulnerable to physical flaws, this can be used as an advantage and help to come up with more realistic and original floral arrangements for your wedding day. Florists can blend differently sized flowers and come up with more authentic bouquets that cannot be designed using fake silk flowers.

It has been seen that real and silk flowers wedding bouquets have their share of advantages and you need to be informed when choosing between the two. One of the primary considerations you need to look into is the cost and climatic conditions. However, over the years, artists have come up with top quality silk flowers that resemble the feel and appearance of real flowers, but their prices tend to be more or less similar to that of real flowers. Therefore, if you want top quality silk flowers, you will be expected to fork out more or less the same amount as you would if you had opted for the natural flowers. In such a case durability can come into the picture and you might consider whether you might want to use those flowers in another event or for the wedding only. In conclusion, it is vital to consider your options thoroughly as flowers could be the make or break factor for your wedding day. Make a wise choice and ensure that you have the best flowers for your big day without straining your budget.