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Flower Care Instructions

To ensure that your flowers stay in perfect shape until your wedding day, please follow these important care tips:

When you first receive your flower shipment, open the box and carefully examine it before removing any pieces. Verify the shipment against your order receipt. If any items are missing or damaged, please call us at (877) 254-2319 immediately.
If you find loose flowers inside the box don’t worry. This normally happens during transportation. Extra flowers are used whem prearing the arrangements to compensate. Rather than discarding the extra flowers, we suggest you use them as petals instead.
Place flowers in water immediately and make sure the glass vases are full of water.
Flowers should be stored at a temperature between 35 – 75 F. Avoid extreme temperatures. The colder the storage space, the better the flowers will be preserved. DO NOT FREEZE.

Flowers are perishable and need to be cared for immediately upon arrival. Returns WILL NOT be accepted for circumstances resulting from negligence. For special events, select a delivery date 1-2 days in advance for the best blooms on your wedding day.