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Tips For Cheap Summer Wedding Flowers

Tips For Cheap Summer Wedding Flowers

Picking out flowers for your wedding can be a difficult task for any bride. However, there is plenty you can do to make the process easier to ensure that you pick out the perfect cheap summer wedding flowers. Below, we will be going over some of the key tips to implement to pick out the best cheap summer wedding flowers.

Tips For Choosing The Best Cheap Summer Wedding Flowers:

1. Figuring Out Your Budget.

The first step to choosing your wedding flowers would be to figure out your budget. You want to be completely realistic with your budget in order to make the right decisions regarding which flowers you should be thinking about. When you tell us your realistic budget, we will be able to make much better and more accurate suggestions that you can work with. This should give you a much better idea of the types of flowers you should be considering during the sorting process.

2. Choose Seasonal and Local Flowers.

One of the best ways to get more ‘bang for your buck’ when buying summer wedding flowers would be to stick to seasonal and local options. Local flowers that are in-season are going to give you the best value for your money. Not only will they be fresh and look fantastic, but they will be the most affordable. The next best option if you are unwilling to go with in-season options would be to chose year-round flowers that are always in abundant supply such as red roses, orchids, and lilies.

3. Larger Blooms.

If you are looking to get a lot of value for your money with your centerpieces, you will want to opt for larger blooms rather than smaller blooms. While they will cost more, they will effectively fill up your centerpieces much better and more efficiently than smaller blooms. Thus, you would need to invest much more to fill out a centerpiece with smaller blooms which can end up costing you more on the entire package. By opting for flowers with larger blooms, you will need fewer of them which can save you big on your total cost.

4. Don’t Eliminate Flowers Before Looking.

A lot of brides might completely eliminate certain flowers before seeing the variety of options available. Because we are a wholesale supplier, we have access to all sorts of different flowers, variations, and types. Therefore, before you say you don’t like a particular type of flower, be sure to look at the entire catalog that you can choose from. We have examples that we can provide that might completely knock you off your feet. Whether you look online or you come to our physical location, you will be able to see what we have to offer which can help you make a better decision.

5. Consider Using More Greenery.

Greenery can really help to fill out arrangements and centerpieces without looking bad. If you are working with a budget, we can fill out gorgeous centerpieces with equally gorgeous greenery which can keep your total costs down without sacrificing style in the process. Be open to adding a good amount of greenery and you should be able to get excellent wedding flower arrangements or centerpieces on a budget.

6. Choose Cheaper Options.

There are going to be certain flowers that are more affordable than others. Just because a flower is cheaper does not mean it doesn’t look as good or that it is not going to work for your wedding. By opting for cheaper flower types, you can save big on your wedding flowers and possibly get larger and more detailed centerpieces to go along with it. There are specific flower types that are always going to be cheaper types to go with including Gerber daisies and carnations. Both of these flowers look gorgeous but are very affordable at the same time.

7. Be Willing To Get Hands On.

If you order from us online, you will automatically save a lot of money. You can save a lot of money by opting for online ordering because you will be handling the prep and arrangement work involved in setting up your floral arrangements and centerpieces for your wedding. As long as you are willing and able to get hands-on, you should be able to save a lot by ordering direct from us online.

8. Choose Flowers That Do Well In The Summer Heat.

Another thing that you should be considering when you are choosing specific flowers for a summer wedding would be whether or not the flower type is suitable for a summer wedding. Some flowers are going to do better in the heat than others. Roses, in particular, are able to do fairly well in the heat as long as they have a proper water source. However, some of the more delicate blooms are going to have a much more difficult time in the hot sun and will likely wilt away. Therefore, you want to be sure that the flowers you are choosing are going to be able to last long into your reception and party.

We have the experience and expertise to help you find the perfect flowers for your summer wedding. Because we are a wholesale supplier, we have access to all sorts of flower types that you can choose from to ensure that you are able to have the most beautiful arrangements that last throughout your entire wedding from the ceremony to the speeches and onward. Let us be your wedding supplier and you will not be disappointed.